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Proprietary technological infrastructure for several use cases we've developed over the past several years have made some of the most challenging data collection possible.

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We understand that it's possible for your data demands to change midstream. Requests for changes can be incorporated because our team is adaptable.

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Image Data

We collect Image data in various formats and use specialized techniques to extract and process image data, including image resizing, normalization, and enhancement.

Image data is required in a variety of AI applications such as Computer Vision, Video Surveillance, Autonomous Systems, Augmented Reality, Medical Imaging, Media and Entertainment, Robotics, Industrial Automation, and more. It is used to train AI models for tasks such as object detection, semantic segmentation, facial recognition, anomaly detection, activity recognition, motion prediction, image-based rendering, disease diagnosis, and more.

Video Data Collection

Video Data

Video data is essential for AI models such as object detection, traffic monitoring, security and surveillance, Monitoring at construction sites, and much more.

To train these machine learning models, TagX gathers actionable training video datasets such as CCTV footage, traffic video, surveillance video, etc. Every dataset is tailored to your precise needs. TagX takes good care to provide diverse and quality data for your ML models. Our data collection team for computer vision will handle this work for you so that you don't need to scan the internet or spend money on a dataset that doesn't meet your needs.

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Audio Data

Audio data is required in a variety of AI applications such as speech recognition, natural language processing, audio classification, speaker identification, and more.

We can collect audio data in various languages and dialects, accents, regions, and voice types. We use different sources such as internal systems, external APIs, and public data sets. We also provide web scraping services to extract relevant audio data from the web. We use specialized tools to process audio data, including audio resampling, normalization, and enhancement.

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Document Data

Document data is a type of unstructured data, which could be in the form of PDF, JEPG, PNG, word, excel, etc. It is useful for various industries in AI for tasks such as document classification, information extraction, and text summarization.

Most NLP applications have to deal with a massive volume of data that is locked away in scanned documents such as invoices, purchase orders, scanned paper forms, financial statements, claims, receipts, legal contracts, identification documents, etc. TagX can collect all these documents and text files in many languages like french, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, etc. As per the client’s requirement, TagX can also gather other types of documents such as bank statements, insurance claims for personal property, and medical records.

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Text Data

Text data is often used in natural language processing and machine learning applications. It is useful for various industries in AI for tasks such as sentiment analysis, language translation, text summarization, and information extraction. TagX provides a system for collecting and organizing text data from various sources, such as customer reviews, social media posts, and news articles. This enables industries to use the data to improve their decision-making processes, automate workflows, and gain insights from customer interactions and other unstructured data sources.

The appropriate intent behind the text, such as a command, request, or confirmation, as well as all types of sentiments (positive, negative, or neutral) can be collected in the data set for machine learning.

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Tabular Data

Data can be summarized in a tabular format in various ways for different use cases. Tabular data is the data organized into rows and columns and is easily readable, which makes it useful for various industries for tasks such as tracking financial performance, analyzing market trends, monitoring medical outcomes, and analyzing healthcare trends.

TagX provides a system for collecting, storing, and organizing this tabular data from various sources for various use cases, allowing industries to make data-driven decisions and extract valuable insights.

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Web Data

Web data is the information that is publicly available on the internet, including text, images, videos, and more. It is useful for various industries for tasks such as market research, competitive analysis, and customer sentiment analysis. Web scraping is a technique for extracting this data from the web.

TagX has expertise in collecting and extracting web data by using web scraping techniques and tools. This enables industries to use the data to improve their decision-making processes, gather insights about their competitors, and monitor market trends, customer sentiment, and more.

How it works?

TagX provides comprehensive data services that support every step of the Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) data pipeline. We understand that data is the foundation of any successful ML or AI project and therefore, we work closely with our clients to provide services that cover the entire data pipeline.

Data collection

TagX gathers data from various sources such as internal systems, external APIs, and public data sets. We also provide web scraping services to extract relevant data from the web.

Data Curation

Data is curated and cleaned ensuring its relevance to the project. Preprocessing is also done extract features and engineering to make the data usable for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Data Annotation

TagX provides annotation services at scale to label the data and make it usable for training ML/AI models. We have a team of experts who are well-versed in various annotation techniques such as image annotation, text annotation, and video annotation.

Data Management

Data is very accessible and ready for analysis. We follow best industry practices to ensure data is well organized and protected. With our services, you can be sure that your data is of the highest quality and ready for analysis, allowing you to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Datasets we offer


Invoices Dataset

Purchase Order Dataset

Bank Statement Dataset

Facial Recognition Dataset

Credit Card Transaction Dataset

Geospatial Dataset

Semantic Segmentation Dataset

CCTV Camera Dataset

Real Estate Dataset

Intelligent Document Processing Dataset

Audio Transcription Dataset

Automotive Dataset

Warehousing & Inventory Management



Augmented Reality

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