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Hundreds of companies worldwide use TagX services for creating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications

What we do

We deliver relevant data to fuel your AI & ML models.

We are all about data and the possibilities. We create digital data assets powering Artificial Intelligence by collecting, annotating, analyzing and pre-processing data corpus for training, evaluation and test purposes.

We assist business leveraging AI with data annotation of 3D and 2D images, videos, text, and audio, and also address other data services such as tabular data management, data collection, cleansing, structuring, and analysis.

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Round the clock support

We support our customers round the clock, Our experts will address all the issues and ensure operations and processes run smoothly.


With our team of expert engineers we can undertake projects of any scale. We have dynamic trained workforce for data labelling and Engineers working on development projects.


We adhere to strict guidelines and take all appropriate precautions to keep data and information private and secure, including encryption, data expiration, and the use of virtual private networks (VPNs).

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is what we strive for and it is utmost important to us. We offer the most cost efficient services in the Data Labelling and Development industry.


We create tools & process for ground breaking and innvovative technologies with our inhouse expertise.

Skyrocketing Growth

We create pipelines for high volume data annotation projects so your model gets contantly trained & accurate.

How It Work's

Our Working Process

Get training data for you AI



Our experts define strategic business objectives and outcomes of the project


Data Collection

Data is collected using various technologies with inhouse expertise as per requirement


Training & Data Annotation

The team is trained & annotations are performed to extract meaningful insights for training AI


Evaluation & Feedback

The data goes through stringent quality checks and sent for final deployment to meet the threshold accuracy


Autonomous Driving

Retail & Ecommerce

Retail & Ecommerce


Industries we serve

Healthcare Industry


Finance Industry

Finance Industry


Geospatial Industry


Sports & Fitness Industry


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