Job Posting Dataset| Job Description Data

100k+Job Posting Dataset| Job Description Data

Our job posting dataset, sourced from public job search platforms, holds immense value for AI applications in talent acquisition. This dataset provides a wealth of job descriptions and related data that can be utilized to train AI models for various purposes. By analyzing and extracting key information from job descriptions, such as job titles, required skills, qualifications, and responsibilities, organizations can develop AI algorithms that automate job matching and enhance candidate screening processes. The dataset's diversity, originating from multiple platforms, offers a comprehensive understanding of the job market, encompassing various industries, job roles, and company sizes.

Volume: More than 10K+ images

Available Formats: .json, .xml, .csv

Coverage: More than 249 countries

100k+Job Posting Dataset| Job Description Data

Our provided job posting dataset offers a rich set of features designed to meet diverse needs. One key feature is the availability of various types of job descriptions for specific roles, allowing organizations to access a wide range of industry-specific job descriptions that align with their hiring requirements. Additionally, our dataset includes salary information for specific jobs in various countries, enabling businesses to gain insights into compensation trends and make informed decisions regarding competitive salary offerings. We take pride in delivering a diverse dataset that encompasses multiple industries, job levels, and geographic locations, ensuring that organizations can train their AI models on data that closely mirror real-world scenarios.

Use Cases
  • Intelligence Document Processing
  • Job Market Pricing
  • Natural language processing
  • Hiring Automation
  • Recruitment AI
  • Data Extraction
  • Human Resource Data
  • Machine Learning (ML) Data

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