10,000+ Facial Expressions Recognition Data | Emotion Recognition | Sentiment Analysis Data with annotations

Facial Expression Recognition Dataset

Supercharge your AI models with our Facial Expressions Recognition Dataset. This collection of annotated images is perfect for training computer vision systems to accurately detect and analyze various emotions. With a large volume of diverse images showcasing different types of emotions, our dataset provides the ideal foundation for developing powerful models for sentiment analysis and emotion recognition. Whether you're working on market research, customer experience analysis, or emotion-driven applications, our dataset will empower your AI systems to understand and respond to human emotions with exceptional accuracy.

Volume: More than 10,000+ images

Available Formats: .json, .xml, .csv

Coverage: More than 249 countries

Facial Expression Recognition Dataset

Our Facial Emotion Recognition Dataset is a valuable resource for training AI models in the field of facial expression recognition. It contains a variety of scenes, both indoors and outdoors, and includes individuals of different genders, ages, and races. Whether you're working on recognizing happy, sad, surprised, or other facial expressions, our dataset has you covered. With its diverse collection of expressions, ages, and backgrounds, it offers a comprehensive view of real-world scenarios. Use our dataset to advance the field of facial expression recognition and gain deeper insights into human emotions.

Use Cases
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Emotion Recognition
  • Surveillance and Security
  • Computer Vision
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality applications
  • Market research and consumer behavior analysis
  • Facial biometrics and authentication systems
  • AI & ML Training Data
  • Annotated Imagery Data
  • Machine Learning (ML) Data
  • Computer Vision Data

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