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Transform your Text Data into Actionable Insights with our expert Text Annotation Services.

Transform your NLP and AI applications with TagX, the leading provider of cutting-edge text annotation services. Our skilled team of experts utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to meticulously annotate text data, including named entities, sentiment analysis, parts of speech, and other essential information. We recognize that the quality of your training data directly impacts the success of your machine learning models, which is why we guarantee consistent and reliable annotations. Partner with TagX and unlock the full potential of your NLP and AI projects. Elevate your performance with our premium text annotation services today.

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Applications we support

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Identify and Classify named entities in text such as person names, locations, organizations, etc with state of the AI-assisted labeling from TagX. Some use cases include information extraction, sentiment analysis, and recommendation systems.

Part-of-speech (POS) Tagging

Get the part of speech of each word in a sentence and determine the meaning of a sentence and its context. POS tagging is used in applications such as language translation, speech recognition, and text-to-speech conversion.

Sentiment Analysis

Determine the sentiment of a piece of text, whether it is positive, negative, or neutral. It can be used in applications such as customer feedback analysis, social media monitoring, and brand reputation management.

Text Classification

Classify text into predefined categories based on their content. It is used in applications such as document classification, spam filtering, and content recommendation systems. We provide text classification annotation services for various languages and applications.

Intent Recognition

Identify the underlying intention behind a piece of text, such as an email or customer review. It is commonly used in chatbots and virtual assistants to accurately understand user queries and provide relevant responses. Get labeled data with predefined intents to train your machine learning models to learn from this data and classify new pieces of text into the appropriate intent category.

Text Summarization

Generate shorter version of a given text while retaining its most important information. Text summarization is used in various NLP applications, including news summarization, document summarization, and summarization of social media content. Get summarization services for various NLP applications to help businesses and organizations quickly and accurately summarize large volumes of text data.

Types of Annotation

With Tagx, your AI applications will recognize and identify objects at unmatched speed, improving your models predictions and confidence levels. We understand that different AI use cases require different types of data annotation to achieve optimal performance. TagX offers a wide range of annotation services for image, text, audio, and video data, as well as 3D point cloud and LiDAR annotation. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality annotations with precision and accuracy to ensure that your AI models can perform at their best. Whatever your use case may be, you can count on us to provide the right type of annotation to meet your specific needs.

Bounding Box Annotation
Polygon Annotation
Polyline Annotation
3D Cuboids
Semantic Segmentation
Point Annotation
Video Annotation

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