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Boost Your Retail and E-commerce Business with  Data Annotation from TagX.

Looking to improve your retail or e-commerce AI models and enhance your customer experience? Our annotation services can help! We offer high-quality data annotation for various retail AI applications such as visual search, recommendation engines, and inventory management. With our expert annotation team and cutting-edge tools, we ensure accurate and efficient annotation for all types of retail data including images, videos, and text.

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Data Annotation for AI in Retail and Ecommerce - Use Cases

Autonomous Checkout

Autonomous checkout is one of the finest implementations of computer vision. Computer vision is used to automatically identify and charge customers for products they take from the store. TagX can perform image annotation to annotate images of products, identifying specific product attributes such as barcode or price, to train models for autonomous checkout. Tagx also provides video annotation for complex object tracking to ensure the accuracy of item recognition, to effectively help you improve customer experience and generate more sales using fewer resources.

Automated Shelf & Inventory Management

Automated shelf management in retail refers to the use of AI and computer vision technologies to automatically monitor and organize product shelves in a retail store. This can include tasks such as identifying out-of-stock items, identifying misplaced items, and optimizing product placement. TagX performs annotation on images and videos of product shelves, identifying specific products and their attributes such as location, stock level, and price. This labeled data is then used to train machine learning models that can automatically analyze product shelves and make decisions such as restocking or repositioning products.

Shopper Assistance

AI-based shopper assistance is used to assist shoppers with their shopping experience. This can include tasks such as product recommendations, price comparisons, and personalized offers. Quality Data annotation is performed by TagX on images and videos of shoppers, identifying attributes such as demographic information, shopping behavior, and purchase history. Additionally, data annotation can also be used to label products, identifying specific product attributes such as brand, price, and category.

Visual Product Search

Visual search in commerce refers to the use of computer vision (CV) and AI technologies to allow customers to search for products using an image or video instead of text-based keywords. This can help customers easily find the products they are looking for and improve the overall shopping experience. TagX can annotate images and videos of products, identifying specific product attributes such as color, brand, material, and category. This labeled data is then used to train machine

Product Recommendations

TagX provides data annotation services for AI-based product recommendations in e-commerce by using advanced techniques to label and categorize data points that are relevant to the recommendation algorithm. Our team of experts can help e-commerce businesses improve their product recommendation engines by providing accurate and relevant data that can be used to train machine learning models. Our services are designed to help e-commerce businesses increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the power of AI and data annotation.

Types of Annotation

With Tagx, your AI applications will recognize and identify objects at unmatched speed, improving your models predictions and confidence levels. We understand that different AI use cases require different types of data annotation to achieve optimal performance. TagX offers a wide range of annotation services for image, text, audio, and video data, as well as 3D point cloud and LiDAR annotation. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality annotations with precision and accuracy to ensure that your AI models can perform at their best. Whatever your use case may be, you can count on us to provide the right type of annotation to meet your specific needs.

Bounding Box Annotation
Polygon Annotation
Polyline Annotation
3D Cuboids
Semantic Segmentation
Point Annotation
Video Annotation

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