Improving Sports and Fitness Performance AI with   Data Annotation

Looking to improve your sports analysis using AI? Our data annotation services can help you do just that! By annotating sports data such as video footage, images, and statistics, we can provide you with the high-quality labeled data needed to train your Machine Learning models. Our services can help you accurately track player movement, ball trajectory, game events, and more, enabling you to extract valuable insights that can help you gain a competitive edge. With our expertise in data annotation and AI, we can help you elevate your sports analysis to the next level.

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Data Annotation for AI in Sports & Fitness

Sports Analytics

Sports analytics is the process of using data to improve athletic performance in team sports such as football, basketball, soccer, hockey, or baseball. This can involve analyzing data on things such as player movements, team strategies, and game conditions. This information can then be used to improve performance by making changes to things like training methods, game plans, and player roles. By using data annotation from TagX, AI-based sports analytics systems can be trained to recognize a wide range of sports-related features, such as player actions, match events, and performance metrics. This can help coaches, trainers, and analysts to better understand player and team performance and make more informed decisions.

Motion Tracking

Motion tracking in sports AI is used to automatically track the movement of players and objects in sports videos. By tracking the movement of athletes, coaches can identify areas where they can improve, and athletes can see where they need to focus their training. TagX can perform landmark and keypoint annotation for the development of motion tracking. Landmark annotation involves identifying specific points on an image or video, such as the joints of a player's body or the position of a ball. Keypoint annotation involves identifying specific points of interest in an image or video, such as the corners of a field or the position of a goal.

Fitness and Athletics

In fitness, image recognition has been used to detect a variety of sports exercises in fitness, including squats, lunges, and push-ups. AI and computer vision (CV) are used in fitness applications to track, analyze, and improve user performance. This can include monitoring and tracking exercises, analyzing posture and form, and providing personalized feedback and recommendations. TagX provides skeletal annotation for detecting the body position and movement of the joints in the arms and legs. By providing high-quality, annotated data, TagX can help fitness app developers to develop accurate systems that can improve user performance and achieve fitness goals.

Types of Annotation

With Tagx, your AI applications will recognize and identify objects at unmatched speed, improving your models predictions and confidence levels. We understand that different AI use cases require different types of data annotation to achieve optimal performance. TagX offers a wide range of annotation services for image, text, audio, and video data, as well as 3D point cloud and LiDAR annotation. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality annotations with precision and accuracy to ensure that your AI models can perform at their best. Whatever your use case may be, you can count on us to provide the right type of annotation to meet your specific needs.

Bounding Box Annotation
Polygon Annotation
Polyline Annotation
3D Cuboids
Semantic Segmentation
Point Annotation
Video Annotation

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