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Ensuring the safety and security of your assets is critical in today's world. Our data annotation services can help enhance your security and surveillance systems by providing accurate and reliable data labeling for object detection, tracking, and identification. Our team of experts can annotate a variety of data types, including images and videos, to train your AI models and help your security system make better decisions in real-time. Let us help you enhance your security and surveillance capabilities with our high-quality annotation services.

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Data Annotation for AI in Security & surveillance AI

Home Security

AI and computer vision (CV) are used for home security and theft detection by analyzing images and videos captured by cameras to detect and recognize objects, movements, and patterns. This can help to identify potential security threats and alert homeowners or security personnel in real-time. TagX provides AI training data that enables security systems to scan, detect, analyze, and report potential incidents of burglary or theft. By using data annotation, AI-based home security systems can be trained to recognize a wide range of scenarios and objects, such as different types of vehicles, people, and patterns of movement.

Weapons or Dangerous Object Detection

Weapon or Dangerous Objects Detection uses computer vision to automatically detect and recognize weapons and other dangerous objects in images and videos. This technology can be used in a variety of applications such as public safety, security, and law enforcement, to keep people and communities safe from harm. TagX can perform image and video annotation identifying attributes such as the location, shape, and type of weapon or dangerous object, to train models for AI-based weapon or dangerous object recognition systems.

Face Detection

Facial Detection is a technology that uses AI and computer vision to automatically detect and verify individuals based on their facial features. It is commonly used for security and surveillance purposes, such as access control, time and attendance tracking, and criminal investigations. An AI security camera integrated with Landmark Annotation by TagX becomes capable of reading human faces, emotions, features, expressions, and characteristics by adding dots across images. This can help to improve the accuracy and reliability of facial recognition systems and enhance security and surveillance in various applications.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection is a critical application in the field of security, where the goal is to detect and take necessary actions to avoid any kind of theft or crime. Data annotation is used to train intrusion detection models for physical security by providing annotated data of security footage. This involves accurately labeling the footage as normal activity or suspicious activity, which is then used to train supervised learning models. Our expert annotators ensure that the data is accurately labeled, resulting in a more robust and effective intrusion detection model. With this technology, businesses can enhance their physical security measures and quickly identify potential threats, leading to a safer environment.

Types of Annotation

With Tagx, your AI applications will recognize and identify objects at unmatched speed, improving your models predictions and confidence levels. We understand that different AI use cases require different types of data annotation to achieve optimal performance. TagX offers a wide range of annotation services for image, text, audio, and video data, as well as 3D point cloud and LiDAR annotation. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality annotations with precision and accuracy to ensure that your AI models can perform at their best. Whatever your use case may be, you can count on us to provide the right type of annotation to meet your specific needs.

Bounding Box Annotation
Polygon Annotation
Polyline Annotation
3D Cuboids
Semantic Segmentation
Point Annotation
Video Annotation

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